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Ventura County wildfire to be extinguished by weekend

Ventura County, Calif. was engulfed in flames Friday night, but officials told the New York Times the fire will be under control thanks to favorable weather over the weekend.

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Firefighters are sure to extinguish every small ember to avoid an accidental additional fire. Photo from

While there have been evacuations and about 4,000 homes are still under threat, the fire has been diminished to 18,000 acres from 28,000. No homes have been destroyed, although 15 percent have been damaged. The only injuries reported were from a traffic accident.

Bill Nash, a spokesman for the Ventura County Fire Department, said: “Right now we’re getting a coastal influence and humidity is rising, which is good for fire fighting, and temperatures are dropping, which is good for firefighting.”

It will take weeks for every ember to be completely extinguished, and once the blaze is completely out, the firefighters will have to look forward to the rest of the fire season. This fire was the first of the year and it was particularly severe, so they predict the season may be severe this year.


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